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Listen my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding. I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching...Listen my son, accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many...(Proverbs 4:1-2, 10)
A Dedication and Note of 
The Apostle Paul, when writing to Timothy made mention about the faith that was instilled into young Timothy even from birth, first by his grandmother and then by his mother.  We at Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International wish to dedicate this page to the two people who most influenced our faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, and instilled in us the Biblical values and principles we now hold so dear.
                                                Sam and Louise Guido
                                                               Parents of our founder
When we were growing up, even from our earliest years, you guided us, your children in the ways of The Lord, and taught us not by force or coersion, but by example, never exasperating us, but encouraging us in love and with patience and long suffering...sometimes a lot of long suffering.   Now that we are grown, and have children of our own, we look back with love and the fondest of memories even of the simple things that we took for granted. Always eating dinner together, as a family, every night without the TV on.  Heading off to church at St James every Sunday and then to Grandpops house afterwards for a lunch of the finest Italian lunch meats, and breads, (at least the finest in the eyes of us little ones). Family vacations, trips to the zoo and amusement parks, and the fishing trips to a little creek, where we got to tangle up all our lines just to have dad spend his whole day undoing the mess.
We remember the holidays, when the whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents nephews and neices all gathered and spent not just the day, but stayed well into the night, gathered around the table sharing stories, and being together, as a family. And enjoying every minute of it. And now, decades later, looking back with the loving warmth in our hearts for those memories, memories you made for us. And memories we try to make for our children so that your legacy of love and family will continue on through the generations.
You made each of us kids feel like we were special, and yet you did not play favorites. And I recall the day I had my heart surgery when I was 8 years old and the first things I saw when I woke up were your faces with tears on your cheeks. Thank you.
When it was our turn to leave and build our own families you let us go. You allowed us to make our own mistakes no matter how sound the advice you gave us.  You still gave us the room to do things on our own, and learn by our own mistakes and never say 'I told you so'.  Yet you were always within reach whenever we reached out.
Thank you for everything you did and the values and integrity in which you led your lives, perfect examples for us to follow. When we fell short, you never berated us, you just were there for us. Always.
And we will be there for you.
To you, our parents, Sam and Louise, whose lives so shaped ours, and the love you gave us and the example in Christian faith you lived, we can never say thank you enough.
We pray that we can measure up in our faith, and our lives to half of what you did. If we are only half the parents and half the Christians you are, that wouldn't bad at all.
Not bad at all.
And to you both, we dedicate this page in appreciation for the love, the faith and values you instilled in all of us. By guiding us in righteousness, and leading by example, showing us the love of The Lord, your children have become successful, not  in the eyes of the world, which is temporary and fleeting, but successful, we pray, in the eyes of God. Because of the way you raised us in faith, and love and goodness, you have touched the world. Because of the simple Christian faith you instilled in your children, you taught us to rely on God for all things and  this ministry has spread worldwide. Because you gave us your faith and love of Jesus Christ, we can share that one million fold. For every person this ministry touches, every hand we hold, every person consoled, every Scripture shared, every soul brought to the saving grace of God, you too were there.
All to the Glory of God.
And may The Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you both, all the days of your lives.
With all our love,
Your Children and Grandchildren.