Then he (Jesus) said to him, "Rise and go; your faith has made you well
                                                                                                         (Matthew 17:19)
About Us:
FIRST AND FOREMOST we declare that Jesus Christ is KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!!! Amen.
We also believe in the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Note: We use The King James Bible as the Official Bible of this ministry. 
Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International is a transdenominational ministry  
in the Evangelical Christian Tradition. We are affiliated with the LutheranOrthodox Church by denomination but this is an outreach that transcends manmade denominational boundries. This ministry uses The King James Version of The Bible alone as our guide in all matters of faith and practice. 
We believe in the very soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ and use our Gifts of The Spirit as we proclaim the Good News, and minister to everyone, as Jesus did, regardless of race, creed, faith or lack thereof.
                                  Our Founders
Left: Rev Sandy Guido, Co-Founder
Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc was founded by Lutheran Bishops Sam and Sandy Guido of The Lutheran Orthodox Church. They, together with their daughter, Jennifer, and a wonderful staff of pastors and fellow workers in The Lord of all denominations  began this outreach ministry to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who would otherwise not hear the Good News. Originally starting as a community outreach in the Lutheran tradition, the ministry's fine reputation quickly grew among many other Christian groups and denominations, and we soon decided that a new format, such as a transdenominational approach would be most beneficial. We only required that our chaplains, pastors and others who affiliated with this ministry declared that Jesus Christ was Lord, accepted the Divinity of Christ, accepted the Bible alone as the inspired Word of God, and lived a life which reflected Godly values and morals. We agreed that we had differences among ourselves in non-essential things, but in essential things, The Bible alone was the authority.

 (Below, Pastor Sam Guido)
Our Current Ministry
The Ministry of Healing takes many forms. Prayers for physical healing, by Laying on of Hands, Spiritual Healing by wise yet gentle counsel from The Bible, Emotional Healing by  helping others through difficult times, and so on.
Together, our chaplain core, known since 1987 as The Visiting Chaplains Association, (founded by Pastor Guido) has and continues to  perform countless pastoral visits, and administering the sacraments as well as provide other services for shut ins, nursing homes, home bound, hospitals, hospices, prisons, and shelters. We are often present and provide a comforting hand to hold for those who are terminally ill as they pass away, and we help provide a comforting reassurance of The Lord  to those left behind.We donate untold hours of counseling services to the distraught and troubled. We bring meals to the homeless, help restore utilities such as electric and heat to the poor, help others cut through bureaucratic red tape, and assist countless others in many ways too numerous to list. We have, and continue to perform funeral services free of charge for anyone who requests it as long as we have an outreach in the area, and never charge a fee for weddings, baptisms or any ministry related services.
This ministry has helped teen runaways return home safely, and sheltered battered women and children all in security and safety.
No Fee has ever been charged by any minister associated with this ministry for any reason, and this ministry is supported entirely by voluntary contributions.  Contributions are handled entirely by our main office. No person affiliated with this ministry will ever ask for any contribution.  Freewill contributions may be made directly, but will never be solicited. If anyone approaches you soliciting contributions for this ministry, contact this office immediately. Thanks.
We all support ourselves through secular employment, and through voluntary donations given freely. We also generate a small income through our online book store. We receive NO government funding, and NO tax dollars are received by this ministry.
Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc is a non-profit, non stock Pennsylvania based corporation. We ARE NOT a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and we do not plan to apply for any tax exempt status.  We believe in Free Speech and do not want to be hindered by any supposed rules and regulations regarding tax exempt organizations.
All Chaplains are trained, commissioned and ordained in valid Apostolic Succession by The Lutheran Orthodox Church OR through another recognized communion partner church and commissioned by this ministry.
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