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 You can receive offers on greatly discounted items that we are able to aquire, such as Bibles which would sell for $30 or more, at greatly discounted prices. For example, we recently came across a stock of Bibles that we were able to offer for $6.00 which regularly sold for more than $30 each.  When we come across fantastic deals, we only post them to our members, and those items are on a first come first served basis.
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Please note: Membership is open to anyone who agrees to the rules of our posting board as listed below. This is different than our Rostered Affiliated Ministers, (although they are also members, of course) and you do not have to have an active mnistry or volunteer as our rostered clergy/layministers do.
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1:  Daily Devotionals automatically delivered every day to your email. These 5 minute devotionals are a great way to start your day. You can listen to our audio, or read our written devotionals while you're making your morning coffee, giving you something to think about all day, and starting your day with your thoughts on our wonderful Lord, Jesus Christ.
2: Periodic Newsletters through the regular mail. These news letters are sent to all members on a periodic basis, with inspirational stories, uplifting news about our Christian brothers and sisters from around the world, photo's, world news, events, and much more.
3: Certificate of Membership suitable for framing.
4: Access to our online posting board where you receive communications instantly from SGEMI as well as all of our other members around the world. You can post messages too, so others can see how The Lord is working in your life as well.
5: Monthly offers where we bring to you faith building items such as Bibles, at little to no cost.
6: Instant email access to our pastoral care staff where you can privately and discreetly talk to someone about issues in your life that you want help with.
7: Free Tracts that you can use to help start a conversation with anyone and everyone you meet.  Members can receive a minimum of 20 tracts per month for free, that can be used to help spread the Gospel.
8: Free admission to any member for any rally, revival, meeting, service, or any other event sponsored by Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc.
9: Free speaking appearance by Pastor Sam Guido at your event, church, revival, etc...(subject to date availability, freewill offering to offset expenses appreciated)
10: Free items sent to members on a periodic basis. We often receive items as samples, free trials, etc..and we send them to members as available, free of charge for their use. Some items we sent out to members  for free were Bibles, coffee mugs, books, lapel pins, crosses, etc...
11: Inside tips, help and assistance in establishing a Christian ministry, including assistance in filling out any paperwork, including articles of incorporation.
12: Advice and assistance in building and growing  your new or already established ministry from Christians who have been building ministries for many years.
13: Strength in numbers: As a member, SGEMI and the entire membership will stand with you and your ministry should you face opposition from secular authorities for carrying on Christian activities.
Note: You can unsubscribe and cancel your membership easily by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link received with each posting board email.
This and much more, as well as new benefits added each month. And best of all, it is all free of charge, and no one will ever ask for any contribution or dues or fees or tithes.
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Disclaimer: By becoming a member, it does not mean you are a minister and you are not recognized as a minister of this ministry, and we assume no legal responsibility for you. Benefits of membership are spelled out as above. 
And Remember, there are no fees, and no one from this ministry will solicit for funds, and no unapproved fundraising shall be posted to our posting board. Freewill offerings are accepted, and of course if you are receiving an item for sale such as a Bible, or coffee mug, etc...you may pay for that via our donation link and page.
Be sure to request your Certificate of Membership when joining, and allow a few weeks for delivery.
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Get in touch instantly with Christians from the farthest parts of the earth, from the most remote locations to the biggest cities.  From NY to Afganistan, from Paris France to Paris, Texas, read firsthand about our Christian Brothers and Sisters and the way The Lord has worked in their lives.
Daily devotionals from a wide variety of sources are published here for an uplifting way to start the day.
You are also free to post uplifting messages, testimony, and the miracles in your life.  All you need to do is send us an email with the words SIGN ME UP and we will connect you to the posting board. It is easy, simple and free, and no one will sell or use your email for anything other than the posting board, hosted by yahoogroups.
You can also remove your email from the posting board by simply unsubscribing.
We have a few basic rules, namely, remain civil. We are all Brothers and Sisters. No soliciting of funds will be allowed, and no profanity. We allow prayers and requests, stories, debate, discussions, and disagreements, as long as we remain civil.  No commercial activities or transactions are permitted.  And we all agree that we may have differences among us but we remain respectful of those connected to this board. 
And, remember, it is to bring uplifting encouragement in a Biblically based, Christian setting.
Conduct unbecoming a Christian will result in your removal from our posting board.
How To Connect:
 Simply send us an email by clicking here and we will connect you as soon as we receive the request, usually within 24 hours.  Then feel free to join in the conversation with Christians around the world.