Book Publishing by SGEMI
We at Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc. are excited about an area of evangelizing and ministry that we are expanding into. We are pleased to announce the formation of a book publishing division of this ministry and have begun producing Christian books, tracts and pamphlets for distribution.
Still in the 'formative' stage, we have a wonderful staff of volunteers including a senior editor, art and layout, type setting, and martketing staff. Several books are currently in production and three books, The Candle, Pink Ribbon Road and Disposable People have been completed and released. See our links on the left of this page under 'New Book Release'.
We are currently set up to produce the following:
  • Short Devotionals, 70-100 pages
  • True Stories of Christian faith
  • Booklets on all Christian subjects and themes
  • Tracts and pamphlets
  • Paperbacks of all Christian themes, (no novels) 300 pages or less
  • Children's books
We may eventually offer the opportunity for any author to submit writings for consideration, but we are currently only considering works from our members at this time.                   

NOTE: At this time we are accepting submissions from members of SGEMI only. If we begin accepting other submissions, we will post a notice on this web page. Thank you.