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     Pastor Sam Guido's New  Book
 The Candle; aTrue Story of Love,  
   Faith and The Power of Prayer
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A story 48 years in the making, whose main characters are still alive to testify of the wonders of our Lord when there was no other hope.
The Candle is a true story of the miraculous power of God and will bring you to tears of sadness as well as joy. And always reminds us that God is always with us and does indeed hear prayers from the heart.
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 from Sam Guido  Evangelical Ministries  International, inc:
Disposable People-
Reflections of a Nursing Home Chaplain
This book blows the lid off of our hidden shame: The way many of our elderly are treated by both family and nursing home staff.
In his more than 25 years of pastoral care, Pastor Sam Guido has seen it all. From loving caring and involved familes, and wonderful nursing home staff, to some of the most horrible of conditions and crimes committed against our most vulnerable and precious resource- our elderly.
From a firsthand, eyewitness account, he exposes in vivid detail some of the atrocious care so many of our most frail citizens have had to endure in the twilight of their lives. Even the failings of regulatory agencies that were supposed to protect them are brought to light.
Wrong meds, physical and mental abuse, falsified records, accidental deaths, coverups, payoffs, and much more, all detailed. And what is even more astounding was the response from some government officials whose agencies were responsible for policing such facilities.
A heart wrenching true account- a must read for anyone who has or is contemplating nursing home care for a loved one.
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By Sandy Guido

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