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      "If you can?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."
                                                                                     (Mark 9:23)
Exactly How Did We Develop As A Ministry?
Yes, that is a real missile behind Pastor Sam's head. Jet is from The USS Enterprise
Pastor Sam Guido was ordained as a minister in 1985 in an evangelical denomination. He left his ordaining denomination in 1992 because he felt the church had drifted too far from sound biblically based doctrine and he could not agree with the false doctrines that had crept in.  He continued on in a variety of ministry settings from congregational to pastoral care in institutional settings such as nursing homes and prisons. In 1996 he joined the staff of a Lutheran congregation as a minister of music and in 1998 began talks with another evangelical church about bringing his ministry to them. By late 1999 he was appointed a regional overseer (Bishop) of the Allegheny Region of that church  and oversaw all the denomination's congregations and ministries in NY, NJ, PA and Del. His wife, Sandy joined him as his partner in ministry and she was ordained as a minister in that church as well in 1999. In 2001, through an odd series of circumstances, Pastor Sam was elected as General Overseer the denomination. He became the youngest (up to that point) Presiding Bishop of  that church at age 38. He and his wife, Sandy along with a wonderful, Spirit led Board of Advisors oversaw the growth of the denomination  to more than 1000 congregations and ministries worldwide, and guided it through the adoption of a new name, (one that is recognized worldwide to this day) in Sept, 2001. In 2004 Sam, along with Sandy and another Bishop  founded The Lutheran Orthodox Church, a church Pastor Sam lead for more than a decade prior to his retirement as Presiding Bishop in Nov of 2015.  The LOC continues to this day with congregations and ministries worldwide. Sam and Sandy and their staff at SGEMI currently provide free pastoral care services in numerous nursing facilities with a combined residency of more than 800 elderly, handicapped and infirmed.

They also started The Visiting Chaplains Association, The SGEMI Crisis Response Team, The Holy Order of The Knights of St Paul, The Lutheran Orthodox Church, and St Pauls Lutheran Chapel.  Sam, along with Sandy, worked tirelessly in pastoring to the elderly, poor and indigent, as well as with the homeless and troubled youth.  Their reputation for excellence in ministry became well known and respected not only in their home community but world wide. From soldiers of The 4th Infantry Division in the deserts of Iraq to the most remote parts of Pakistan, to the jungles of Uganda and Kenya, they spread  the Word of God to everyone, everywhere they can. 
Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc developed as a merger of many of Pastor Guido's ministries which have now been brought together under one umbrella. Some of these ministries which now make up one single outreach ministry are:
The Holy Order of The Knights of St Paul
This Order was established in 1999 as a charitable outreach of Christian ministers of many denominations to provide assistance to the homeless, troubled youth, and helping teen runaways return home safely. It also established an underground network of safehouses providing safety and security to battered women and children.
The Visiting Chaplains Association             
 This Association, established in the mid 1980's  provides qualified Chaplains to nursing homes, hospices, and the homebound. Funerals, weddings, baptisms, and any other occasions which required the presence of ordained clergy were handled by this association. 

For a complete written history of The VCA, order a copy of Pastor Sam's book,
Disposable People;
Reflections of a Nursing Home Chaplain
which you may obtain by emailing Pastor Sam from our contact page.


Above: Pastor Sam, Rev's Jack and Cindy Adams and
Rev Jerry Hemmingson of Temecula, CA, honoring
Baptist pastor,The Rev Dr Rollin Williams (seated) on
 his 90th birthday and more than 65 years of ordained
SGEMI Crisis Response Team
This team of highly trained and qualified rapid response chaplains was established in 2001 and provided pastoral services in times of emergency and crisis, such as 9/11. Tragedies such as sudden deaths in motor vehicle accidents, homicides, natural and man made disasters etc... were the areas of expertise of these pastors.
St Paul's Lutheran Chapel
A core group of Christians, both clergy and laity who gather for worship together and then spend many hours each month in community service such as manning food banks, visiting shut ins, working with the homeless, and helping the poor or others who found themselves in dire circumstances cut through bureaucratic red tape, giving them a hand up, not a hand out. This ministry also provides live entertainment for nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and fund raising for organizations such as hospices and other charity events.
So...as you can see....            
Many of these ministries often overlapped and provided the same or nearly the same services and duplicated many of the offerings already established. All of our different outreaches were either closed, given to other organizations to continue independently or brought together under one umbrella and streamlined as SGEMI, inc. to better serve our many friends and neighbors. Our founders, Bishop Sam and Sandy Guido thank all of you who have supported these many fine ministries over the years and we especially thank all of the volunteers and wonderful pastors who have chosen to affiliate with us as we move forward to new and exciting things in the coming year.  
May The Lord continue to bless YOU ALL both now and in the life which is to come!