"Also gather some of every kind of food and store it on the Ark as food for you and the animals"  Genesis 6:31 
 "As in the days of Noah, so will the coming of The Son of Man be" Mattew27:37
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Note: We cannot stress enough the importance of food storage. We lost power for more than a week TWICE this year. Our food storage fed not only us but many other families during an ice storm and Hurricane Sandy!
This page is a little bit different than our other pages.  We urge you to consider the information contained here and decide for yourself if you could benefit from this info, thank you.
We will update this page often with links, suggestions, tips and photos so check often.
Eight inches of snow hits London, and in minutes, the shelves were emptied. But, you may think, there is always food at my local store. It's never empty. The supply chain, the delivery system in our country is so efficient, that as bread is being sold and taken out the front door, truck loads of bread are coming in through the back door. But what if that supply chain was to be disrupted?Grocery stores only have stock sufficient for 3 days if no deliveries are made. How long would your local store stay opened to serve the needs of the public? How soon would panic set in? How soon before civil unrest leads to rioting and looting?
Are you prepared?  Are you ready to provide for your family in the event of a crisis or emergency? Can you help others in their time of need?  In Noah's Day, God not only told Noah to collect the animals, He also told Noah to gather food. Jesus said that when He returns, it will be as in the days of Noah...Are you ready to be 'that Ark' for your family?  Read this article and decide for yourself.
Our own personal story:
Long before the subject of food storage and emergency preparedness dominated talk radio, and long before folks like Glenn Beck, (The Glenn Beck Show) Alex Jones (Prison Planet and Infowars) and others began sounding the warning to stock up on food, and years before the tragic events of 9-11, my family and our ministry have always had a well stocked supply of emergency provisions on hand. My initial reasons for storing food were quite different than my reasons today. Many years ago I simply ran out of money and out of food. Not a very pleasant time for us. Once we got past the smell, we learned to enjoy (sort of...well not really enjoy...) chicken livers and potatoes. That was  the only food we could afford in enough quantity for the money we had to feed a family of 4. I vowed that never again would we get into such a situation. Well, our finances  got better and my secular business improved, and I began storing foodstuff. Over the years we accumulated a fairly large storehouse which always kept us fed, even when clients were slow in paying us. As a Christian head of household, it was my obligation to provide for my family, and in times of low cash flow, just knowing that I had an ample supply of food helped to relieve what could have been a great burden by knowing that we would not have to worry about food, and where our next meal would come from. When times were good, we would continue to buy extra food, and rotate out the stored stuff, always keeping it fresh.
Our system was simple. Buy 2, store one. If items were 10 for 10, we would spend $10.00 and keep four cans upstairs in the pantry and store the other 6 cans. Whenever we took a can from our storage we would note what we used, and then replace it with 2 cans. In a very short time, we had a shelf full. And then another. And another. It accumulated fast.  We eventually bought a large freezer, and then began storing frozen food too. And again, when we took something out of our storage, we would note it, and replace it with two bags. We soon needed a larger freezer.
While we were building our 'storehouse', some of our friends laughed, some snickered, and some thought we were nuts. Including my daughter, who lived just a short drive away with her husband and newborn baby girl.  Yep, mom and dad were crazy. Nutcase survivalists. A bit 'odd' she would say.
Well, I guess in the eyes of the world, we may have been a bit odd. Heck, the grocery store was only 2 miles away, and they were always stocked to the ceiling with every kind of food and need known to man just about.  Yep, mom and dad were fruit cakes, for sure. Crazy as a loon. Until one day a few winters ago. 6 years ago to be exact. When the worst ice storm in more than 100 years hit the northeastern parts of Pennsylvania.  Power was out for more than 8 days. No way to travel, the roads were completely iced over. Trees were down,  roofs collapsed, evacuation centers and shelters were set up by FEMA, no one could pump gas, no one had electric or gas heat, and no one could buy food. Or diapers. Or toothpaste. Or toilet paper. Or bread, or anything else for that matter. Even those folks around us who depended on their own private well for water went dry. No power to operate the underground pumps.
Hmmmm, my daughter and her husband were now thinking that perhaps crazy mom and dad weren't so crazy after all. While most everyone else bugged out to warmer climates or shelters, we were snug as a bug, toasty warm, comfortable, and oh yeah, did I mention...well fed. And so was my daughter and her family. Why? Simply because we planned ahead, and did not let a little ridicule deter us from our Christian duty to provide for ones of our household.
And that was not the only use we had for our supplies. After Hurricane Katrina, we emptied our stocks and sent them to a fellow minister in Arkansas who relayed those tons of supplies directly to those who needed it most, people he was able to reach and who had not yet received any governmental assistance.
A Change in Focus
Have you ever noticed that no matter how well stocked a grocery store is, and even if you have plenty of emergency cash on hand to buy food, if the weatherman even mentions a dusting of snow, the bread and milk aisles are bare within hours? Around these parts, we have a saying: The weatherman owns stock in the grocery store. When he needs extra dividends, he claims it will snow. And presto! The store is sold out of staples, just like that!  Of course we know that's not true, but we couldn't help but notice even the mere mention of bad weather wipes out certain food items. Most people don't realize though that most grocery stores have only a few days worth of stock at any given time, based on demographics. If no deliveries were made to a grocery store, (say bad weather or a trucker's strike or civil unrest disrupting the food supply chain), the average grocery store would be bare in only 3 days or so.
Within a week, most people would be so low on the basics in their own pantries, they would begin to run out of food. And multiply that by thousands of households, how soon would it be before civil unrest erupted?  Can't happen, you say? It is happening in France right now. And in many other places around the world. Can we ever forget the scenes of looters in the aftermath of natural disasters, or riots, even in this country?  Who could forget the scenes of The Superdome in Louisiana when it was used as an emergency shelter after Hurricane Katrina?  Is that where you want to bring your family in a time of emergency?  Do you want to venture out in the midsts of looters just to try and find a few morsels of food to bring home to your family? 
Our family has however begun to change our focus. We always had enough to provide
We have always believed in Scripture and The Word of God as the absolute Truth. Our ministry is not geared towards prophecy. There are much more learned men who have the Gifts of Prophecy, such as Dr David Reagan, Dr Jack Van Impe, and even Ray Gano, of Prophezine. Their links are found on our web pages. Our ministry's focus has always been on healing, and we remain focused on that Gift.  But the Signs of The Times are all very clear. God's Word has never failed. And the things which are coming upon the earth are becoming crystal clear. And the time is now to build up your food and supplies for the troubles which lay ahead.
Coming Food Shortage
According to The National Inflation Association our food prices are about to go through the roof. Sugar, flour, and other staples are set to become so high in price that we won't be able to afford them anymore. Corn, according to NIA is set to skyrocket to more than $11.00 per ear. With more than 12% unemployment, (and we believe that the number is actually much higher), and energy costs soaring, and with 1 in 10 mortgages in foreclosure, can we as a society absorb even a modest increase in food prices?
We urge you to study Scripture for yourself. Then look at prices of food today. At our local store, sugar went from $1.99 to $4.99 IN A WEEK!  Look at The Commodities Markets. Cotton futures are  at an all time high. Silver and gold, oil, corn, sugar, and nearly everything else sold or traded are at or near alltime highs. And these prices cannot continue to be absorbed by manufacturers much longer. They will, by necessity, have to pass these prices on to the consumer. And they will, very soon.
  We urge you to take some time and decide for yourself if what I am saying is true. If it is, there is still some time to begin to prepare. But time is running short. It must be done now. Listen to others such as Ray Gano or Glenn Beck. Search the internet. The information is all around you. As a Christian and as a head of household, it is YOUR responsibility to provide for your family. And the ability to be able to get to a grocery store in a few minutes is not the solution. Because if you think you can get to the store in a few minutes, well, so can thousands of other people in your community...all at the same time.
In Conclusion
Someone once said to me: What if an emergency never comes, then what? You have all this food for nothing.
And I answer : So what if an emergency never comes? Do we not eat in good times? The worst that could happen (which really isn't 'worst') is that I have a lot of stored canned food, and a whole lot of toothpaste and shampoo. Boy, what a terrible problem to have to deal with.
Is it Scriptural to store so much food? Shouldn't we just trust in God to provide? I encourage you to read the story of Joseph and the famine which swept all of the land in Genesis, beginning in Chapter 42.  And think about today. Why was that written? As an example for all of us. So I ask you: Should you prepare for the coming storm?
Please, take the time to look up The National Inflation Association, and the many other fine news sources relating to what I have just posted here. And stock up on foods and supplies. You may never need it. But do you want to be without, if you do?