Speaking Engagements
To book Pastor Sam for a speaking engagement in the coming year, please plan early, as dates are filling on a first come first served basis.  The theme of this year's series of talks are on the subject:
      The Lord's Healing in a Broken World
It brings the message that God does indeed still perform miracles today.  Included in this series of talks are true life examples of modern day miracles including a personal story of his own and how The Lord worked in his life through prayer and faith. This special message has brought  tears and joy to all who have heard it, and most especially it is a true story whose main 'characters' are still alive to testify of God's healing grace.
   Current available dates:
Pastor Sam is currently only accepting bookings in the eastern continental United States until next year, and is booked until early spring. The next available dates are after mid April, and dates are filling.  There are several Saturday evenings left, and a few Sunday afternoons, so if you would like him to speak to your faith group or congregation, please contact him early to schedule.
We do not book for events more than 12 months in advance. Want to know why? Send us an email and we will gladly tell you.  Thanks.
Requirements for Speaking Engagements:
Not much. A firm commitment, and a suitable facility to speak in. And suitable security arrangements. That's about all.  If needed, we supply the sound system, hymns and programs for the evening's event. There is never a fee to book him and we only ask a freewill offering is taken to help offset expenses. He will share the offering 50-50 with the host group, as has always been his custom.
These events are a nice way to help you raise funds for your church, ministry or group.
For a spiritually uplifting event, focused on The Lord, with a dynamic speaker, consider booking Pastor Sam.
To Book Speaking Engagements Please contact us via email here 
Brochure available on request. Just email  and we will gladly send one to you.