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                    '...for God is present in the company of the righteous'.
                                                                                  (Psalm 14:5)
             Our Staff and Pastors
                         Board of Directors and Officers
                                 Corporate Officers
                            The Reverend Sam Guido, DD
                               Founder, CEO, Chairman
                      Bishop, The Lutheran Orthodox Church
                        The Reverend Sandy Guido,EccD
                        Co-Founder, Executive Vice President
                       The Reverend Garland Byers, Esq.
                        Vice President, Office of Legal Affairs
                            The Reverend Ray Bush, Esq
                      The Reverend Richard Stoecker
                       Vice President, Office of Media Relations
                                       Sherry L. Bukics
                                Director of Youth Outreach
                                       Jennifer Guido
Board of Directors 
The Reverend Sam Guido, Chairman
The Reverend Sandy Guido
The Reverend Garland Byers, Esq.

The Reverend Ray Bush
Mrs Sherry Bukics
The Reverend David Reinert
The Reverend Jennifer Guido,
The Reverend Richard Stoecker, M.Div
The Reverend Bradley Varvil
The Reverend Jerry Hemmingson
The Reverend Richard Wagner


 Rev Dave Reinert. We never have to search for him. If there's food around, he's in the area.

 Mission Outreach Directors
The Reverend Bradley Varvil
St Louis Mo
The Reverend Jerry Hemmingson
Temecula, California
The Reverend Richard Wagner,
Fayetteville NC
The Reverend Richard Stoecker,
 Greater NYC

Left: The first ordination ceremony ever held at New York Theological Seminary in its more
than 100 year existance.
The Reverend Richard
Stoecker being ordained after earning his Masters Degree. 

Bishop Guido officiating.