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Our Ministry Team

Executive Officers

Pastor Sam Guido

President and CEO

Pastor Sandy Guido

Executive Vice President


Sherry L Bukics


RevDr Charlton Courtney

Vice President

Meet Our Board of Directors

Pastor Sam Guido, Chairman

Founder, SGEMI, Presiding Bishop Emeritus LOC, Bishop, Diocese of Allentown, Pastor of St Pauls, Host of The Lord's Amazing Grace radio program

Pastor Sandy Guido

Co-Founder SGEMI, Chaplain, Pastor, St Paul's. Co-Host The Lord's Amazing Grace radio program

RevDr Charlton Courtney

Bishop, Diocese of York, VP SGEMI

RevDr Bradly Varvil

Current Presiding Bishop, LOC, Bishop of Seattle, Seminary Professor

Mrs Sherry Bukics M.HS, BA

Master's Degree in Gerontology, Capella University, SecTreas SGEMI

RevDr Nikolaos Brown

Bishop, Pastor of Ignite: Church, NJ

RevDr Richard Wagner

Bishop, LOC, Diocese of Eastern NC

Rev Dave Reinert

 LOC Certified Chaplain, Pastoral Care to Elderly

RevDr Robert Jangro

Archbishop, Fayetteville Georgia

RevDr Eliott Cruz

Bishop, Northern NJ/ Greater NY, Hospital Chaplain, Pastoral Care Director

Mrs Irene Obrecht

Lay Minister 

RevDr Richard Stoecker

Communications Director, SGEMI. Priest, Russian Orthodox Church. 

Rev Jennifer Guido

Assistant Chaplain, St Pauls

Rev  Craig Stefko

Pastor,  Assistant to the Bishop, Allentown Diocese

Mrs Alexis Stengel

Assistant to Bishop. Nursing Home Eldercare,(retired).

Archbishop Andrew Knight​

Patriarch-Archbishop, River of Healing Fellowship Ministries, inc. 

Rev Cindy Adams

Diocese of Allentown

Rev Jack Adams

Diocese of Allentown

Bishop Argwings Yoto

Diocese of Kenya,  Director of African Missions, SGEMI Youth Group, Kisimu, Kenya

Deacon Steven Harmon

Deacon, Friendship Baptist Church,Central NJ

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