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Refuse to stand for the little issues?

July 17, 2020

Refuse to stand for the little issues? Then you will never stand for the big issues.

By Ray Gano

So why is this important?

In today’s world we are dealing with what I believe to be a very drummed up pandemic that is driven by the mainstream media, liberal democrats, and globalists in general.

What I believe is happening is the Marxist left has been given a chance to grab power and in some cases huge amounts of power to the point that if you do not capitulate, you will be arrested, fined large sums of money, maybe even do jail time.

What we are seeing is the masses being turned against each other. Those who see Covid-19 and a farce and an intrusion of people’s liberties and those who are willing to just go along to get along.

About every 80 – 100 years man will repeat his history. It is a proven fact. The great thing is that with the dawn of the internet, information is free, and people can take the time to see what is truth and what is not.

COVID-19 has a 98.54% survival rate, at least that is of May 5, 2020. Now that the US is no longer being beholding to The World Health Organization, all of a sudden those numbers are getting even better to the point of 00.01% mortality rate of the US population.

The common flu kills more people annually than Covid-19.

So why are so many states, counties and cities jumping on the band wagon to “stop” the spread of Covid-19?

Again, I see it as a power grab.

When you look at the facts about facial masks, it is literally a joke that a virus that small can easily pass through the paper and cloth weave that these masks provide. Wearing the mask has nothing to do with preventing the spread of a disease, but everything to do with controlling the masses.

How far will the masses allow themselves to be controlled?

I look at what is going on in California and the serious power grabs that are being taken by the governor of California. You can have riots, but you can not sing in church, in fact Newsome just came out and has shut churches down to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. OH… but BLM and Antifa can still protest and destroy businesses.

When are people going to wake up and realize that they are being played for the sheeple that they are?

Remember me saying that man repeats his history about every 80-100 years?

In the book “When A Nation Forgets God” by Dr. Erwin Lutzer he recalled a story that an eyewitness shared with him from Nazi Germany.

“I lived in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust. I considered myself a Christian. We heard stories of what was happening to Jews, but we tried to distance ourselves from it because what could we do to stop it. A railroad track ran behind our small church and each Sunday morning we could hear the whistle in the distance, and then the wheels coming over the tracks. We became disturbed when we heard the cries coming from the train as it passed by. We realized that it was carrying Jews like cattle in the cars. Week after week the whistle would blow. We dreaded to hear the sound of those wheels because we knew that we would hear the cries of the Jews in route to a death camp. Their screams tormented us. We knew the time the train was coming, and when we heard the whistle blow, we began singing hymns. By the time the train came past our church, we were singing at the top of our voices. If we heard the screams, we sang more loudly and soon we heard them no more.” And then the eyewitness shared with Pastor Lutzer, “ Although years have passed, I still hear the train whistle in my sleep. God forgive me, forgive all of us who called ourselves Christians and yet did nothing to intervene.”

Just look at the people who have the fortitude to go about without the masks. Look at the hate, the ugliness, the mob mentality that is starting to form.

Already fines, arrests and jail time is taking place all for wearing a worthless mask that does no good in stopping Covid-19.

Look at the people being demonized because they are choosing personal liberty over that of herd mentality.

Folks, the herd is winning and how long will it take to finally take our freedoms and liberties away over something that has a death rate of 00.01%

I am going to be really honest with where we are today in history.

Remember the yellow stars that separated the Jews from the rest of the German, polish, Czech, Dutch and French population?

Remember what happened to all those people who did not fit or conform?

Yeah… who needs to remember that?

All you need to do is turn a blind eye and just sing a little louder.

OH… make sure your masks are properly fitted over your face while you are at it, you don’t want to earn one of those yellow stars do you? 

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