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Transparency Policy

         To engage in The Christian Ministry is a solemn responsibility which is not to be taken lightly, but deliberately, soberly and with good, clean motives; motives of service to the Living God and Lord Jesus Christ, as well as service to mankind. These endeavors are to be taken seriously, with no hint of scandal, inappropriateness, nor with any questionable practices. 

               The world at large, looks on some ministries with derision, contempt and scorn, and because of the actions of a few ministries which engaged in misconduct, sometimes the scorn is rightfully earned. Unfortunately, good, scripturally sound, well run ministries often times get lumped into the pool of charlatans or formally good ministries that turned corrupt. 

                    In the end, the only real thing of value a person has is a name. If it is a name with a bad reputation, it is nearly impossible to overcome, and those ministries eventually fail, cease to exist or end in the trash heap of history as yet another so-called Christian who took advantage of position power or fame.  Financial scandals, sex scandals  and worse befall some of these ministries, with the result being that all other Christian ministries are looked at with the same jaundiced eye, and once trust is broken, it is nearly impossible for even a perfectly run ministry to be untainted by the actions of a few well publicized scandals of ministries both large and small. 

                   On this page, we place  in the public forum policies we have in effect to assure the public at large that Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc runs as honest,  and  as straightforward of a Christian ministry as is humanly possible, and holds accountable any member who strays from sound Christian doctrine, teachings, practices and way of life or gives the appearance of impropriety. 

Monetary Policy

This Ministry never solicits funds from the general public. No one affiliated with this ministry will ever ask for donations, payments for services rendered, request tithes, contributions or require payment of any kind. 

No salaries are paid to any member, director or executive officer  and all serve in those positions as volunteers.  Reimbursements for travel expenses or other expenses related to their  direct ministry activity may be paid, upon a written receipt for those expenses, when approved prior to incurring that expense. 

Ministers affiliated with this ministry may receive a payment directly, such as when performing weddings, funerals, public speaking engagements which usually provide a stipend, and that transaction is between the host party and the minister only. No part of any remuneration is required to be submitted to this ministry unless the person making the donation specifically requests it. 

This ministry has never applied for, nor taken a bank loan ever, and only purchases what it can afford with the available cash on hand. No credit cards are used or issued for this ministry. 

Voluntary Contributions

This ministry occasionally receives voluntary contributions which are unsolicited and for that we are grateful. Those funds would be directed 100% as per the wishes of the donor.  On the occasion where there is no specific purpose for the donation, it is placed in the ministry's general fund, and to be used to offset normal operating expenses, and again, no salary is paid from any contribution. 

This ministry also raises a small amount of operating capital through book sales of materials copyrighted and published by this ministry, as well as through several musical concerts/ family friendly entertainment shows performed by its members throughout the year for which we are paid, with the money being given in full to the ministry general operating funds. 

The rest of the operating expenses are donated by members on a freewill basis, and not solicited. This system has been successful for many years and all expenses are paid in full, and the record books are always balanced at the end of each fiscal year. No profit is made in this ministry, all funds are used as intended by the donors.

This ministry has never operated in 'the red' , never had a deficit and has survived by 'living within its means' and using funds only as directed by the donors. 

Conduct Unbecoming A Christian

Any person affiliated with this ministry shall be removed for conduct unbecoming a Christian when it is reported and investigated and found to be true. THIS GOES FOR ANYONE affiliated including Executive Officers of any level. 

This includes but is not limited to immoral or illegal behavior, lying, stealing, adultery, embezzlement, or any other act that is illegal, unethical, immoral, or would be seen to bring disrepute to The Lord or this ministry in any way. If any accusation is made against anyone affiliated, the 'whistleblower' may approach any member of the board with concerns, without fear of reprisals, or any other retribution and will be given a full and complete hearing with all due respect and decorum. 

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