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Our History

Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc. was started in 1987 by Pastor Sam as a one person chaplaincy ministry and operated as such until 1996 when the decision  was made to expand and develop the ministry into  a larger organization serving  the greater community at large in all capacities of ministry.   The Reverend Sam Guido and his wife, Sandy formally began what was basically  a new venture. Sam was initially ordained in 1985 in an Evangelical denomination and served in a number of congregations throughout his area in NE Pa and central NJ until he left his ordaining body in 1993. 

He returned to active ministry in 1995 and together with his wife began a journey that led from a small 2 person ministry serving their local community to a worldwide ministry with members all around the world, a nationally broadcast radio program; 'The Lords's Amazing Grace with Pastor Sam and Sandy' and a book publishing division which currently has 3 books published, and several more currently in pre-production. 


In 1998 they affiliated their ministry with a mainline Evangelical denomination and within a year Pastor Sam was elected to the office of Bishop serving NY, NJ, Pa and Delaware for the church. In 2001 he was elected Presiding Bishop and guided the church through amazing growth and expansion. He, along with Sandy established a seminary to train new ministers in that church, and turned it over to the denomination when the time was appropriate. Countless ministers were trained through that institute. 


In 2004 an opportunity presented itself for Pastor Sam take the helm of a Lutheran Synod as the church's Presiding Bishop and to be one of a few Lutheran Bishops to be consecrated in Apostolic Succession, an office he held until he retired in 2015, after having served as a Bishop in a leadership position  for more than 15 years. He continues to serve as Bishop of the Allentown Diocese for the Lutheran Orthodox Church, and serves on the denomination's Board of Directors and Council of Bishops. 


During all the time he served as Bishop, he also operated this ministry, Sam Guido Evangelical Ministries International, inc, where together with his wife, and a growing group of dynamic ministers, volunteers, chaplains and others cross denominational barriers to bring the good news of The Gospel to everyone, everywhere. 


Whether it is disaster relief, bringing teen runaways safely home, preaching the Gospel and providing pastoral care in nursing homes, hospitals and hospices, holding hands and comforting the dying, officiating weddings, baptizing new Christians, or standing up and speaking out  against sin, you will find an affiliated member of this ministry ready willing and able to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on earth, bringing aid, comfort and hope to a fallen and hurting world. 


"So", you may ask, " Why have I not heard of your ministry before?"

Because we simply go about our business, quietly and without fanfare. Those whom we have helped, ministered to and assisted, and those who have heard Pastor Sam's fiery sermons have most definitely heard of and know of this ministry and its impact. Those who tune in every week for the radio program are stirred, humored, and comforted by the message. 


This ministry has quietly, slowly and without trumpets blasting, grown into a worldwide organization with outreach all over the globe.


Many of the members of our ministry belong to other churches and denominations and serve in many capacities from a lay minister to a Bishop in their own churches. They gather together in affiliation with this ministry quietly and in the spirit of charity, and without accolades. 

We never charge a fee for any service and no salaries are paid to any staff, member, volunteer or officer of this corporation and we are supported entirely by voluntary contributions. No funds are solicited directly  from the public. Some funds are generated through the sale of our publications, the performance of musical concerts, freewill contributions or the sale of merchandise such as shirts, jackets a nominal cost. But no one will ever solicit money for this ministry and no fees are charged. 

What are we doing today?

As we developed as a ministry over many years, we not only grew in the local community, but have members all around the globe reaching out to their local communities as well, with the assistance of our corporate offices here in the US. We grew into many different areas of ministry, such as a book publishing division, a nationally broadcast radio program, a nursing home/hospice pastoral care division, and several charitable, benevolent societies and speaking tours, all to help fellow man, and bring glory to God. 


In 2013 our co-founder, Sandy was diagnosed with cancer and given a grim prognosis. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Sam and Sandy's daughter, Sherry who was a member of the Board of Directors of this ministry was also diagnosed with the same cancer. This severely limited the activities of our ministry as much focus was on the medical treatments of both Sherry and Sandy. Today we are thrilled to say that both are cancer free, and have returned to their positions in this ministry, and we are back, full steam ahead, all praise and glory to God. 


Besides resuming our speaking engagements, book publishing and radio show, we resumed full-time active pastoral care, and all other programs that the ministry had in place prior to our sabbatical.  In addition, we are offering friendly counsel and spiritual guidance to those who are diagnosed with cancer, or their care givers, lessons learned from firsthand experience, and as with all our programs, absolutely free of charge. 


So, here we are as active as ever, and fully energized to accomplish our ministry. We look forward to joining with those of like precious faith and boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere. 




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